The manuscript is finished and now in the editing phase. The cover is being designed. Soon, Eternal Souls, by new author Carolyn Bond, will be available on Amazon Kindle!

Marie St. Clair, an easy-going, nature-loving college girl is enjoying the throws of her first love with Allen McCracken, a brown-eyed Kentucky boy who loves the wilderness, when a slip on the side of a reservoir sends her face to face with the world of souls that have already lived. Some are like guardian angels and some seek to destroy her. Souls of those who lived before us live amongst us unseen, unheard, but an integral part in the battle for good and evil.

Just when she is coming to terms with having this new gift of seeing the invisible world around her, she is pulled directly in to a place between real life and the after-life. A place where battles for people’s souls rage, while the living carry on obliviously.

One particular dark Shadow has stalked Marie and her family for centuries and now she can use Marie to get her revenge. Can Marie save Allen and herself? How will she escape this invisible world?

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