Steam Over Stephensport is coming along nicely. The manuscript is almost finished. It will go into editing soon!

I’m so pleased to reveal its cover. I think it looks awesome. Covers by Ramona did the work on it and I think it looks spectacular. The background image is the Ohio River near Stephensport, Kentucky, where the story takes place. Stephensport is close to my heart since much of my family history took place there.

The story is a time travel sweet inspired romance in the same series as Bluegrass Blush. Lily finds herself in 1888 when the town of Stephensport is not the sleepy river farm community she is used to, but rather a bustling city where the railroad and river boats give rise to a Victorian culture with all the trappings of the Gilden Age, including Scottish immigrant who wants none of that, but all of her.

Steam Over Stephensport Final Cover