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Steam Over Stephensport

My current work in progress is Steam Over Stephensport. It’s a time travel romance set in 1888 in Stephensport, KY that is the second book in a series. I started writing this story in the fall of 2016. Due to taking care of my mother-in-law with advanced dementia, it has been very hard to finish this story. She required around-the-clock care and was often quite agitated. Due to her declining mental function, it became apparent last summer that she needed to be in a medical facility.

No one could ever imagine the toll it takes to care for someone with this illness. Taking care of an invalid or severely impaired person can physically draining, to be sure. What you don’t expect is the mental toll. It has taken several months for me to let go of the trauma our family faced from the verbal and physical assaults from someone we loved who was not in control of herself.

Despite the challenges, I did manage to get nearly 75% of the first draft completed. As a side note, I also kept a blog of that time about a fictional character, Mrs. Huntington, who is based on my mother-in-law. So now, I am trying to piece together the disjointed chapters and weave it into a fabulous tale of romance and history.

The story begins with beautiful, modern Lily Wallingsford who is an elementary teacher ahead of her own time. That can be a problem for her when her car crashes off a bridge and she finds herself helped out of the Ohio River by a Scots immigrant looking for a wife to help him run a farm. The town of Stephensport today is a sleepy river community with rolling hills and fluffy white clouds in a dazzling blue sky but in 1888 it was a hub of commerce with trains and paddle wheelers. Time changed history for the town as well as the people who lived and loved there. Steam Over Stephensport Final Cover

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