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Steam Over Stephensport

Steam Over Stephensport has gone to print and will be released within the next two weeks! It’s a time travel romance story set in 1888 in Stephensport, KY which is the second book in the Steam Through Time series.


The story begins with beautiful, modern Lily Wallingsford, an elementary teacher ahead of her own time. That can be a problem for her when her car crashes off a bridge and she’s pulled out of the Ohio River by a Scots immigrant looking for a wife to help him run a farm. The town of Stephensport today is a sleepy river community with rolling hills and fluffy white clouds in a dazzling blue sky, but in 1888 it was a hub of commerce with trains and paddle wheelers. Time changed history for the town as well as the people who lived and loved there. Steam Over Stephensport Final Cover

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