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A world where love wins, faith is power, and the impossible is within reach.

Between Time


Between Time (the re-release of Eternal Souls)Between Time cover 3rd edition

You could say they were ghosts, but really they were just people with a job to do, who happened to no longer have a physical body.”

After a brush with death, Marie begins to feel the presence of spirits before she is abducted into their world. She discovers she is invisible and caught in a timeless space between life and the afterlife. The near drowning was no accident. Scorned Hester Farr wants to use Marie as a living lethal pawn to obliterate the lives and souls of those she hates. Protectors, who could go on to heaven, stay back as guardian angels help the living and Marie. Anyone who has lost a loved one, even an unborn child, and thought they still felt their presence years later will get lost in the premise of this story where anything is possible.

Walk among the spirits, hidden to the living, and see if Marie and those who love her can discover the truth and set her free. The same truth may set you free, as well.

You can read the blog posts that give a post-story insight as to what happens next by clicking here.

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