I’m so excited to announce that publisher Timepiece Books will be re-releasing Eternal Souls under the title Between Time in February! The book has undergone a few changes through editing and is better than ever. If you have an original copy of Eternal Souls, you now have a collectors item! Save it so you can sell it on ebay for thousands of dollars when I’m a New York Times best seller!

I love the new title and I’m so excited about some new marketing ideas. I will be doing some book signings this spring while I am completing Book Two (no name yet for my 2nd baby yet). It should be ready for release, also by Time Piece books, in the fall. There is time travel element in Book Two that I really think you’ll enjoy.

This is an extraordinarily exciting time for me. Thanks so much for sharing it with me. Please share this blog and leave comments below. Your enjoyment of my work propels me to work faster!