I’m just a baby writer. It’s all new. As a new writer, you think the hardest part is writing your book. Just getting through it, pushing yourself to keep going, to get to the acceptable length of something over 70,000 words that is the goal. I planned and outlined. I edited. I cut parts and added parts. And then, with a feeling of accomplishment, I finished (at least until I decided to rewrite parts again!). 

That’s the beauty of ePublishing: you can fix things and re-upload it. Unlike traditional publishing where once it’s printed it’s permanent, I can fix typos and mistakes easily. In fact, this week I decided ES needed a little more tension in the story and I went back and wove in the character of Lydia. She makes Marie insanely jealous and is a modern-day reflection of the antagonist Hester Farr. 

But, back to being a baby writer, I am learning every day how little I know about the publishing world. Some 20-odd years ago I worked for a publishing company that distributed court reporting school textbooks. In fact, I actually wrote a book of exercises that was distributed by this publisher and made a little money from it. Even so, I know close to nothing about fiction publishing. 

My mom and dad gave me a copy of Writers Market for my birthday. I read through it and I’m even more unsure. If nothing else, I am at least more convinced than ever that self-publishing an eBook is the best place for me to start. I’m building a base of supportive people and fans that seems to be crucial in the publishing world. My thought is that maybe after Book 2 of Marie and Allen’s adventures, at some point a year or two from now, maybe I’ll understand more and try the traditional publishing route. 

Please comment about your thoughts on this!