You wouldn’t know I’m a writer this week. I’m ninja writing. You can’t see it. It’s all in my head. 

With getting my master’s degree this last year, I haven’t worked. I did some subbing at local elementary schools, but not enough to really impact our budget. In the mean time, until I can find a job that will put my education to good use, I got a job at a call center. 

This was my first week and my brain is fried. So, in quiet moments when my mind drifts, I daydream about Marie and Allen. With not enough time in the day to get all the hours of work and sleep in, its hard to get words on paper. 

That’s ok. As I found out from Eternal Souls, daydreaming is a huge part of writing and it’s not to be rushed. I had at first thought Book 2 would have some time travel – because I want to write some time travel fantasy fiction. Have I mentioned I absolutely love a good time travel story? Now I am thinking that even though I think that is where I want to go, it may not be where  the story wants to go. 

I think Marie and Allen might still have one foot in the ‘in-between’ world. I’m learning that stories have lives of their own. I’m just the journalist that records the characters’ stories.  So with my eyes focused on daydreaming, this eye-witness journalist will be watching to see what those two characters are up to next! 

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