I’m in the home stretch but the baseline is curvy and missing sections. The crazy bunch of scenes I have accumulated for this story are trying to tell a great tale of romance. Due to the on-again-off-again fits and starts of writing in the last year, I have a story that goes in several directions. I have spent the last week finalizing the main and sub-plots in order to slide the story into home base. There will need to be intensive editing. That said, I do believe the book is still on track to publish in the spring.

I read a Facebook post recently that talked about writers that write fast or slow and the quality of the story. Bluegrass Blush was a fast first manuscript. It just poured out of me and I wrote for 8-10 hours a day. I couldn’t write it down fast enough. It required very little story editing. A great part of writing quickly is that you can remember all the parts of the story as you go. Its all right there in your head.

When a story takes months, or more than a year, it gets really hard to remember the little details. I keep good notes that describe the characters. I also keep notes about my research for the time period. Still though, the story changes over time. My day dream changes. I have to go back and realign the story in the beginning. Its like getting re-acquainted with a friend after you find out they had major life changes since you last saw them.

So, the story is coming along and I’m excited to see how it will end. I love a twist so it’s time for the creativity to flow.

*The featured image for this post is the Ohio River at Stephensport. The photo was taken during a research trip for the book.