It’s hard to say why time and parallel universes fascinate me. I have come to realize that it’s not normal. Now, I know there are a great many people out there like me that ponder it, but most people are very logical, rational, and linear. Or, at least they try to be.

The whole concept of “thinking outside the box” has been absurd to me. There never was a box in my mind, which, makes me feel sad for the people who live in one. As I grew up, I learned that the line between natural and supernatural was much clearer to most people. It was so clear that to many, it was not a line but a wall. They rationalized, negotiated and critically thought about problems within only the natural universe. I would mention, “what about…,” and they would look at me like I was crazy. I learned to meter what I said to that person’s ability to live “outside the box.”

You could say a rational person should compare their thoughts to the norm of what others thought to determine if they were on track. The problem I always encountered was that the rational people never really had answers for things that logic couldn’t explain. The answers they had seemed contrived or placating. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying unicorns really exist. I actually love science and certainly appreciate the scientific theory. Perhaps this, more than anything, is why I could not give up on my bigger universe. The scientific theory is a way to test data to prove or disprove a theory.

If you can replicate an event in a predicable manner, a truth can be derived. If you can’t replicate it, you cannot state a truth, but neither can you say it isn’t true. It falls into the realm of what we don’t know. The realm of what we don’t know is pretty big. There are things we don’t even know that we don’t know them. If looking backwards in time gives us any idea, there are things we don’t know now that we can’t even imagine. If we can’t imagine them, then the things I CAN imagine can’t be that crazy.

There have been deja’ vu moments when I have a vision of time and the universe and how they relate. It’s hard to describe but it’s like a long roll of toilet paper that spins off the roll. Maybe the cat hit it and it unfurls in layers in a heap. Each layer goes one way for a length and then crests over and goes back the other way. The pull from the source is too strong to let it unroll in one direction too long. So, it makes layers, like a one-dimensional gift wrap bow, stacking one on top of the next. Each layer touching the one before and the one after.

I see us walking along that stream of paper or ribbon in our daily life. The people who only live in the logical linear realm only see their current stretch. My imagination sees all the layers at once. Like several photographs superimposed on each other, I can imagine decades of life happening at the same place. That begs the question, if I can see them, can they see me? Are they just imagination or am I actually seeing fragments of data.

One day I will be standing in a hospital hallway, perhaps near a waiting room where a whole lot of emotions happen, and I will see the layers of time racing by. Souls of the past, present and future. There will be a woman watching me like I am watching her. She will be one of the people others whisper about, like me.